Saturno Magazine, Articolo: MAID CORBIC - Bosnia and Herzegovina -

MAID CORBIC - Bosnia and Herzegovina -



The last smoked cigarette on the ground remained

while still silently observing everything around me

people who walk happily with someone

while only I am looking for hope and a source of happiness


I never considered myself a hero

because I could never become one

just a trace in time I became immortal

where I am still looking for my hidden happiness


Memories still come flooding back

my heart cannot accept more people

which often hurt me just because I'm different

just because I'm special from others around me


Maybe one day my luck is destined

but until that happiness I have to go bravely

I walk some streets of darkness and evil

to find myself in something that I can and feel


When love opens its doors

nothing can be the same anymore because

love is the strongest weapon against everything

and the fight for what has never been described...


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